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Frank Gehry’s Schnabel House for $13 Million

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Frank Gehry’s Schnabel House is now for sale with a listing price of $13 million. The residence was completed in 1989 for Ambassador Rockwell Schnabel and his wife, Marna Schnabel. Marna, who worked under Gehry, has said the design of the home was the Schnabel’s wedding gift. In 2006, the Schnabel house was sold to Tony-award wining producer Jon Platt. He told the Los Angeles Times, My mission statement for the house was: Take this gorgeous piece of art that happens to be a home and allow it to function as efficiently as a residence designed in 2010. Thankfully, Gehry was able to assist in the renovation process. The architect said, People have to live in buildings. You have to roll with the changes. To get locked into a straitjacket of design seems to me counterproductive to one’s life.

Platt added iPad-controlled mechanics throughout that include climate controls (the home never gets above 75 degrees unless desired), TVs, lighting, security cameras, and windows made of glass that change opacity when it gets too bright. The home is made up of four interconnected stucco, glass, wood, and metal buildings and the grounds feature an olive orchard, a reflecting pond, a lap pool, and view of the Getty Museum. Nancy Goslee Power & Associates orchestrated the landscape design that surrounds the home. The four bedroom, five bathroom house is located in Brentwood and is listed by Hilton & Hyland.

All photos by Alex J. Berliner

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