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New Art Form: Driven Man Aaron Kirman

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The better half of our century a driven man was expected to work hard, collect all their toys and die young. Time ran too fast to ask “Am I happy?” Welcome to the 21st century with the same traditional rules and a twist. The business world has not changed but evolved. The twist is being a workaholic with a search for balance at the core. The rare driven man combines hard work, strong networks and giving back to himself and society.

Aaron Kirman

With a sense of purpose, Aaron Kirman has become the new version of the driven man. He has been on a quest for the past 20 years to be the best in the business with a balance. Last year he sold over $300 million in deals. This renaissance man plays on a global stage. Sometimes he succeeds in his balancing act but he has found that it is a lifelong pursuit.

Mr. Kirman has an unusual story in terms of having always known from the age of 8 that he wanted to be in real estate. He was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age. Decades ago we handled children with learning disabilities very differently but to his family’s credit they not only embraced his struggles but gave him an environment within which to succeed.

I sat down with Aaron to find out if the myths are true about successful men and what we can learn from them today moving forward.

Most highly successful people have a routine they do every morning. What is yours?

I spend one hour a day by myself meditating and practicing gratitude to be alive. By doing this at the start of my day, I believe it centers me and allows me to function on a higher level. I also manage daily to have time in the gym.

How many hours a night do you sleep?

5 Hours

What is your background?

Business and Communications from USC

What kind of an employee were you in your first job?

I was a terrible employee and got fired. That lesson taught me how, many years later, to be a good employer.

What is your favorite part of your life in business?

Team meetings, Strategies, Marketing, Technology and Change. You must love what you do in these areas and have great teams to grow your business in these areas.

Over the years in real estate, where do you see your business growth coming from?

We produce very high end videos that are placed on our social media accounts of facebook and Instagram. They have brought in some of our biggest clients. Social media is very important to any international business. Our teams of marketing and social media work together to push the videos out there to gain the biggest exposure.

Most people believe that to be highly successful you have to give up a part of your life. Do you believe this and did you give up something?

I do not believe you need to give up anything. You just have to determine what is important to you. I do not believe I have given up anything as it has been a wonderful journey filled with exotic locations, great people, watching my business grow and living the life of my dreams. There is always something you can add to the dream and mine would be a great partner to share my life with.

Has your drive ever got in the way of you being a better person?

Without getting too much into the story, there was a time around my late 20’s and early 30’s when I was involved in a selling of a house and an opportunity presented itself to me that I was able to close the deal. There was a right road to take and a moral road to take. I chose to take the right road and not the moral road on the deal. Because of that deal, I had made it my mission to always take the moral road and continue to build bridges and not tear them down with others. I believe that going through that experience with my age and drive made me a better person later in life to where this is now the foundation of my company to always take the moral road. It give you great peace of mind in the end.

1187 North Hillcrest

You have been on so many continents in exotic locations. What is paradise to you?

You are correct in terms of travel. But, I have found that paradise to me is feeling good about myself. I find that it all starts with that and everything else is icing on the cake.

As we move forward in life with all our technologies and everything moving at lightning speed, it is important to always find our inner core. With the seeds planted early in life to succeed and his core opened to receive, Aaron stepped out into society at the age of 19 and sold his first home. By his 30’s he hit the 200 million mark and at the ripe old age of 39 he hit 300 million in one year with over 3.5 billion in sales for his career. In his desire to achieve success and balance he is redefining what the driven man is and raising it to an art form. Aaron explained to me the philosophy of his office of over 45 employees that his main goal is to provide his employees with an environment to THRIVE!

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