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    Aaron Kirman Group

    Aaron Kirman Group was founded in the spring of 2017 on a single guiding principle, to build a team where a group of like-minded individuals could come together, share resources, grow, support, and compete together in the most dominant and competitive market in the world and rise together. The team rapidly grew over the next 18 months from just 7 agents at its inception to almost 70 today. Just this past spring, The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends ranked Aaron Kirman Group as the 10 highest producing team in America selling $528,000,000 in residential real estate.

    The team is led by Aaron Kirman, President and CEO of AKG | Christie's International Real Estate based in Beverly Hills, California. Aaron has consistently been named as one of the top agents in the world and the number 1 agent in Los Angeles, routinely selling over $400,000,000 a year in luxury inventory around the globe.

    Over the span of Aaron’s career, he has sold over $5.5 billion in residential real estate, including several record-breaking sales. These include the sale of the Danny Thomas Estate, which reportedly sold for $65,000,000, the Edie Goetz Estate which sold for $45,000,000, and most recently as this spring the Bentley Estate in a combined transaction for over $50,000,000.

    The team has set its sights high for the future, looking to become the first billion dollar producing team per year in California. It has been an exciting few months for the Aaron Kirman Group, who has just recently finished starring in a new show for CNBC called Listing Impossible which is slated to air this fall, as well as the opening and expansion of their new office in the heart of Beverly Hills. There is no telling what is next for this powerhouse team of talented individuals.

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