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22+ Years Top Listing Agent

22+ Years
Top Listing Agent

With over $9 Billion in luxury home sales, Aaron Kirman is the #1 luxury agent in L.A. and has been consistently named as one of the top agents in the world by WSJ, CNBC, LABJ and countless others. With a successful career spanning over 22 years, Aaron has represented incredible estates like “The One” Bel Air ($141MM), the infamous Danny Thomas estate ($50MM), and many more.

Network of Over 1 Million Contacts

Network of Over
1 Million Contacts

Aaron Kirman has an extensive and private rolodex of contacts within the global luxury market with partners always looking to list inventory. This is an extensive client base that includes heads of industry, celebrities, royalty, major lending institutions, and foreign investors.

Personal & Transparent

Personal &

When you work with Aaron, you WILL work with Aaron. Expect him to go to the appointments, negotiate the best deal for you, and overall represent you! Throughout the process, he will be in direct contact with you whether it’s through texts, e-mails, phone calls or in-person.

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