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John Lautner – Polin House

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The Polin House is one of John Lautner‘s more modest residential projects, measuring in at 1,342 square feet. It was built in 1947, around the same time as the neighboring Jacobsen Residence and the Carling House two miles away. Like the Jacobsen and Carling houses, its design incorporates a horizontal hexagonal steel frame supported on three tapered steel trusses, and its walls are not load-bearing, allowing for a flexible floor plan. Since 2004, the three bedroom, two bath residence has been owned by nightlife impresario/The Hills co-star Brent Bolthouse, but a few years ago, Mr. Bolthouse began offering the property as a furnished rental for ten Gs a month. Now it seems the club king is ready to divest himself of the house entirely, listing it for sale with an asking price of $1.495 million.

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