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    Aaron Kirman
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      Why Sell your Home with Aaron Kirman?
      I Hunt.
      I Hunt.
      Other agents post to the MLS and wait for buyers to come to them. I use our AI and Digital Marketing – Estate Dynamics © to target unique buyer behavior and get in front of buyers quicker, on top of hosting a private rolodex of buyers from celebrities, royalty and titans of industry.
      It’s Personal.
      It’s Personal.
      Yes, I have a staff here that takes care of the scheduling and office, but it’s me (Aaron) that you (the seller) are in direct contact with. I’m making the calls to buyers, showing up to appointments and negotiating the deals.
      I Win.
      I Win.
      I’ve been in business for the last 20 years and made over $7,000,000,000 in home sales. My group is ranked as the top 10 in the nation, while I’m proud to hold the status of #1 luxury real estate agent in California via the WSJ, CNBC, LABJ, and many more.
      Sell your Home with Aaron Kirman

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        Sell your Home with Aaron Kirman

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